Crestprotect High Performance Stain & Soil Resistant Finish


So what is it?

This treatment is designed to impart a durable to non-solvent cleaning and abrasion oil & water repellent finish while providing a level of antimicrobial properties. The level of finish durability is dependent on the end use and cleaning techniques. The Crestprotect Finish utilizes a C-6 fluoropolymer, Unigard 2620, manufactured by Unichem, Inc. Unigard 2620 is a PFOA “free” environmentally friendly C-6 fluoropolymer based emulsion designed to impart excellent oil and water repellency on synthetic and synthetic/natural blends for apparel, upholstery, automotive and other textile fabrics.


Factors that classify Unigard 2620 as environmentally friendly are:

  • Ultra-low levels of PFOA (<10 parts per billion) vs. conventional products containing levels of ~20,000 parts per billion.
  • Non-flammable
  • Low VOC content
  • Does not contain any components listed on California Prop 65
  • Does not contain any components listed on SARA 313


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